Bulgari bold and unique, distinguished classical. The balance also combines classical and modern features, breaking the rigorous rules of the traditional academy design, inspired by the Greek elegance, the Italian Renaissance and the 19th century metallurgical technology, and created the unique style of the Bulgari.

In 1879, Sodorryo Bulgari moved to Naples, Italy, and in 1884 he opened a silver shop in Rome, specializing in the sale of exquisite silver sculptures.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, the two sons of Sodorieo Bulgari had grown up and they began to be keen on making gemstone jewelery. After learning his father for many years of business, the brothers finally took over the family in 1930, the family business, and began to carefully build their jewelry kingdom.

In 1999, B.zero1 became the first ring launched by Bvlgari in 1999. The ring builds the path to the new millennium.

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Contemporary architect Zaha Hadid designed the Serpenti serpentine artwork with inspiration for the creation of the eternal iconic design.

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